2020 J24 World Championship Qualification Process

 2020 J24 World Championship

Parkstone Yacht Club, UK

10th – 19th September 2020

Qualification Process

It is anticipated that a number of Irish J24 crews will participate in the 2020 J24 World Championships at Parkstone Yacht Club, Poole Bay, UK. This will be a closed event, with entries allocated to National J24 Class Associations on the basis of the number of members they have. If the number of Irish boats intending to enter exceeds the available places, the selection criteria outlined below shall apply.

In 2018, the J24 Association of Ireland had 35 members. It is anticipated that we will have a similar number of members next year. On the basis that we will have between 26 and 51 members in 2019, we will be entitled to:

  • 6 qualifying places for the 2020 World Championship based on our membership numbers.
  • 1 qualifying place for a team who will be all under 25 on 10th September 2020
  • 1 qualifying place for an all female team
  • 1 qualifying place for the 2019 J24 Irish National Champion

The qualifying events for the 2020 World Championships will be:

  1. J24 Westerns – 13th -14th April – Lough Ree Yacht Club
  2. J24 Southerns – 25th-26th May – Tralee Bay Sailing Club
  3. J24 Easterns – 15th – 16th June – Howth Yacht Club
  4. J24 Nationals – 23rd – 25th August – Lough Erne Yacht Club

  • A maximum of 30 Ranking points will be available to competitors at the National Championship and 20 Ranking Points at each of the regional events. The winner of each event will receive the maximum number of ranking points, with runners up, and subsequent placings, receiving one less ranking point than the boat that finished ahead of them.
  • Rankings points shall be allocated to the helm of each boat.
  • If less than 4 ranking events are sailed, all ranking points shall be counted. If 4 events are sailed, the best 3 results shall count. Ties will be broken in favour of the finishing position at the National Championships. Any remaining ties will be broken in favour of finishing positions at the regional event with the largest number of entries.
  • If helms from Under 25 or all female qualified crews finish in the top 6 places of the overall rankings, the additional qualification places will be allocated to the next helm in the overall rankings.
  • Qualification places are allocated to the helms named on regatta entry forms and are not transferable. The nominated person shall helm the boat at all times while racing except in an emergency.
  • In the event that one or more qualified helms decide not to accept their allocated entry for the 2020 J24 World Championship, qualification places may be reallocated by the Class Association Executive Committee to other helms on the ranking list.
  • If a dispute arises over the allocation of entries, the President of the Class Association shall appoint sub-committee to investigate the dispute and make recommendations to the Class Association.

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