40 Years of J/24 Champions

The J/24 Class was established in Ireland very soon after the class was launched in the USA in 1979. The 40th J/24 National Championships took place at Foynes Yacht Club on the Shannon Estuary in 2018.

1979 Barbarian  Sean Dillon  
1980 Jeepers  C.D. Kelly  
1981 Stroker Tim Goodbody  
1982 Stroker Tim Goodbody  
1983 Flying Ferret Anthony  O’Leary  
1984 Jaws Johnny Ross Murphy 
1985 Flying Ferret Anthony O’Leary  
1986 Jacquerie Michael Boyd  
1987 Jaws. Johnny Ross Murphy 
1988 Jacquerie Michael Boyd  
1989 Jacquerie Michael Boyd  
1990 J.K.T.T.T.  Johnny Ross Murphy 
1991 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1992 “Blown out”    
1993 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1994 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1995 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1996 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1997 Jessica  Ward Woods  
1998 Kay-J Tim Goodbody  
1999 Cries of Passion Bryan Maguire  
2000 Joe Blob Mickey McCaldin  
2001 Jay-Kay Tim & Shirley Sheard
2002 Taz Maurice “Prof” O’Connell 
2003 Virgin on the Ridiculous  Diarmuid O’Donovan  
2004  Scandal Andrew Algeo & Ben Cooke
2005  Scandal Andrew Algeo & Ben Cooke
2006 Taz Davy Taylor & Paul Barbour
2007 Nautigal Stefan Hyde  
2008 Taz Michael Ennis & Paul Barbour
2009 Murder Picture  Mickey McCaldin  
2010 Hard On Port Flor O’Driscoll  
2011 Hard On Port Flor O’Driscoll  
2012 Jamais Encore J.P. McCaldin  
2013 Kilcullen Howth U-25 Team 
2014 Hard On Port Flor O’Driscoll  
2015 Kilcullen Howth U-25 Team 
2016 Kilcullen Howth U-25 Team 
2017 Jamais Encore J.P McCaldin  
2018 Nyah Stefan Hyde  

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